Australia cannot wait. Our politicians are betraying us all.
We must take action now to stop the major parties destroying our nation.

The Major Parties Have Betrayed Us

Riccardo Bosi, founder of the Australia One political party joins the Carnage House to discuss his candidacy in the Eden-Monaro by-election and other issues. We discussed China, the corruption issues in mainstream media and politics, the globalists and more!

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Big pharma, big tobacco welcome heaven-sent laws

New draconian laws and fines that directly attack hundreds of thousands of Australians who have complied with community social mores, are proof that the Australian Government and Health Minister Greg Hunt are among the world’s leading hypocrites, Eden-Monaro Independent candidate Riccardo Bosi said today. “Under the cover of their COVID-19 scare mongering, Hunt and the…

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Politics is no longer about left or right.
It’s now about what’s right and wrong.

Hi, I’m Riccardo Bosi and welcome to our new AUSTRALIAONE website.

I am one of many who are creating our new political party, for which we expect to attract membership and support from those “quiet Australians” who no longer trust any of this nation’s major political parties.

We live in exciting but challenging times with our country at a crossroads in its history with relentless attacks on our values and sovereignty.

Join us as we work to create our best future for Australia.

Is committed to strengthening Australia as a
sovereign, self-reliant, Judeo-Christian western democracy which is:

• Economically powerful
• Militarily intimidating
• Politically free
• Culturally vibrant and
• Socially cohesive

Is the party for decent everyday Australians who want the best future for themselves, their families, their local communities and Australia.
This needs all of us to take a stand.

Must take back control of our local councils, as well as our state and federal parliaments.
No matter who you are, here’s your opportunity. Let’s help each other.

It’s time for Australians to take back their country