Are politicians and public servants deliberately burning our farmers?

Tinder left in the bush from a ban on backburning, lack of water from bans on dam construction and restrictions on farmers from managing their own land are man-made factors contributing to modern-day bushfires, Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi said today.

“These factors are all encompassed in imbecilic laws written by ignorant politicians and implemented by asinine public servants and it is time we call out those accountable for allowing such irresponsible legislation to be enacted at all three levels of government,” Mr Bosi said.

“Add the fact that our increased population has meant our towns and cities have encroached into bushland, and we are a disaster waiting to happen.”

Mr Bosi said such bureaucratic negligence was so obvious it could be considered by many Australians as a deliberate attempt to destroy this nation.

“Knowing what I and many other Australians know, not all disasters are accidents, not when warnings and incidents continue to occur and nothing is done to repeal such catastrophic legislation,” he said.

“We are even seeing our best environmentalist farmers being prosecuted simply for protecting their property, that of those around them, as well as human and animal lives. The scope and scale of the punishment is totally out of proportion.

“It is time decent Australians began to take back our country from the lunacy of city-dwelling vandals who have probably ventured no further away from home than their closest cafe.”

Mr Bosi said politicians of all persuasions should hang their heads in shame for allowing themselves to be blackmailed by the insane ideology of these inner-city basket weavers, who themselves are simply the “useful idiots” of other masters.

He said the sacred cow of “environment” has been used once again to break the backs of Australian farmers, who should be free to use their land as they see fit.

“Australia has always experienced fire and drought and our first Australians knew how to tame this land by burning undergrowth and tinder during the cooler months,” he said.

“I believe true ‘green’ ideology and environmental common sense lies with our farmers, who have a vested interest in protecting the land.

“If government wants to really help, first it should get off the backs of farmers and leave them alone to do what they do best.

“Second, it should ask farmers what they need to again become the most productive primary industry in the world.

“But the final step is up to us. If we Australians truly want to save our country, we must stop voting for the treacherous politicians and stop paying complicit public servants.

“They are nothing special, and without votes and public money, they are nothing at all.”