Australia, imbecilic pollies and the Corona virus

A Statement by Riccardo Bosi
Leader of Australia One Party

Australian governments are betraying the Australian people, again.

They told us the Paris Climate Accord was a good idea, but the people never consented to relocating our nation’s finances overseas — and Australia’s emissions targets are laughably ineffectual when compared with the world’s major polluters.

They have unconstitutionally stolen water from the people and allowed it to be illegally traded internationally, funnelling it into up to 30 privately owned taxpayer-funded dams, while they watch Australian farms and Australian farmers die.

They have shut down our coal-fired power stations while hundreds are being built by our competitors in overseas countries, many of which also signed the Paris Climate Accord,

And the list goes on!

Our politicians have such an awful track record for deceit, why should Australians believe them now?

With the threat of the coronavirus, they are telling us they must shut down the economy, that people must stay home, that schools must be closed, all the while allowing airports to remain open, allowing cruise ships to dock and creating panic.

In China, which has an appalling air-quality record and unacceptable food-hygiene standards, it is no wonder there are many dying of this disease.

Coronavirus currently stands at about 156,400 cases worldwide, but the seasonal flu virus (Influenza A and Influenza B) affects up to 1 billion cases worldwide each year.

That’s one case of coronavirus to 7.81 million cases of the annual flu, which is far more deadly.

In Australia, the disease appears to be affecting those most vulnerable — elderly people and those with pre-existing conditions.

On average, influenza causes 3500 deaths, about 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations each year.

Current figures for the coronavirus in Australia, are six deaths and 375 cases diagnosed cases.

A contact at one major Sydney hospital reported that of more than 1000 people arriving for a coronavirus check, just 10 cases proved positive.

Our governments are creating panic. Why?

Right now, Australian governments should be dealing with these very small number of cases in a measured way.

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy, said on 19 January that Australia had “processes in place to enhance border measures in relation to a communicable disease, if required, working through our established health protection system”.

We are in a situation where our economy is at risk of imminent collapse and shoppers are causing shortages in supermarkets by panic buying essential items.

Why is this?

Because while other countries have been working feverishly for more than a decade to guarantee their national food and energy security, successive federal and state governments have allowed Australia to become utterly vulnerable to even the gentlest of economic shocks.

No self-respecting leader allows a single point of failure in any system, and yet this is exactly what successive Liberal/National and Labor/Greens governments have done.

Is it due to gross incompetence, corruption or both?

Consider this alleged “pandemic” in light of a report titled “Potential False-Positive Rate Among the ‘Asymptomatic Infected Individuals’ In Close Contacts of COVID-19 Patients”  on the US National Library of Medicine website which states among other things, that they are experiencing a “false-positive” rate in excess of 80 per cent.

Australians have been, and are still being, played for fools.

The US can shut down its borders because it has a large and potentially self-sustaining economy.

Australia can’t because it doesn’t. Our imbecilic politicians from both sides of the fence have, over the past few decades, left us economically dependent on others (mainly China) rather than being economically self-reliant, as we once were.

Not very smart.

So right now, in Australia, the policy should be “remain calm and business as usual”.

We should also immediately take this opportunity to begin to rebuild the Australian economy so it once again will be able to sustain itself as much as possible.

We must develop our industries, using our competitive advantages such as cheap power, productive farms, and an educated and productive workforce.

We should also ditch all the multilateral agreements that strip Australia of our competitive advantage and begin establishing bilateral trade agreements that benefit Australian business owners, Australian workers and therefore the Australian people.

Australians must begin to think for themselves and take action against the imbecilic politicians in all our parliaments before we are stripped of our wealth, our sovereignty and our future.