Australia One lauds One Nation leader for showing spirit

Leader of Australia One Party Riccardo Bosi has praised One Nation leader Pauline Hanson for her part in delivering water to drought-stricken Queenslanders.

“As I see it, Pauline Hanson is the only federal parliamentarian prepared to prove her credentials as a true Australian and do something other than hide behind bureaucratic incompetence,” Mr Bosi said.

“Our Federal Government has little trouble finding funds and the wherewithal to aid foreign nations experiencing hardship but when it comes to its own people it finds every excuse in the book to do nothing.

“The way it has turned its back on our Australian food producers is shameful on a number of planes and could easily be perceived as just another instance of our elected representatives dancing to the tune of their global masters.”

A convoy of 10 trucks left Brisbane on Saturday to deliver water to the town of Stanthorpe, a major community in Queensland’s Granite belt, where the water would be warehoused for locals to collect rations.

Rachael Eddy, a truck driver’s wife, arranged the water shipment in conjunction with Granite Belt Drought Assist.

Mr Bosi said Ms Hanson had shown true Australian grit and it was a shame evidence of the old Aussie spirit was sadly lacking by most of our federal politicians on both sides of the political spectrum.