Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi to run as independent for Eden Monaro

This short Dispatch is to formally advise all supporters of the exciting news that AustraliaOne will be contesting the Eden Monaro by-election set for 4 July 2020.

We first offered the candidacy to an active A1 Supporter who lives in the electorate, but the offer was legitimately declined due to the demands it would make.

But in order to ensure we took advantage of this opportunity I stepped into the breach and will be the A1 Candidate. As one of my commanders advised me many years ago, lead from the front by example, not from the rear by direction!

We will be letting supporters know very soon what assistance we will need but, in the meantime, share the news with your networks that A1 is running. While you might not know any electors in Eden Monaro, your friends and relatives might, so get the word out both far and wide. The whole nation will be watching this one with great interest.

Many thanks and best regards, Ric

Riccardo Bosi