Big pharma, big tobacco welcome heaven-sent laws

New draconian laws and fines that directly attack hundreds of thousands of Australians who have complied with community social mores, are proof that the Australian Government and Health Minister Greg Hunt are among the world’s leading hypocrites, Eden-Monaro Independent candidate Riccardo Bosi said today.

“Under the cover of their COVID-19 scare mongering, Hunt and the Government have accelerated their war on vapers by proposing a $222,000 fine on any Australian who imports vaping nicotine after 1 July,” Mr Bosi said.

“The immorality of this hasty measure is outrageous and indicates Hunt and others in the Liberal-National Coalition care less about the health of Australians and more about an obnoxious tax by putting measures in place to encourage vapers to return to smoking tobacco products.

“Putting Australia in the opposite direction of research and the rest of the world, begs me to ask what Hunt will gain by forcing through such legislation in secrecy and with no public discourse?

“We know the big pharmaceutical and tobacco companies will be rubbing their hands with the prospect of more sales of their nicotine lines, but what about the cost to those vapers who were among our Prime Minister’s ‘quiet Australians’.”

Mr Bosi said all Australians should be asking questions as to why our governments endorse the use of dangerous drugs and alcohol, yet ban something as harmless to the community as vaping.

 “If the Australian Government was sincere in its desire to reduce the rate of tobacco-related cancer deaths, it would legalise vaping immediately,” he said.

 “If the Australian Government was genuine in its respect for individuals’ freedom of choice to live their lives as they wish, it would legalise vaping immediately.

 “If the Australian Government was truthful in its stated goal of reducing taxes, it would legalise vaping immediately.

 “But they won’t and we have to ask ourselves ‘why not’?”