Building the Ark

Many Supporters are asking ‘What is our next step?’ and that is a great question.

All the major parties; Liberal, Labor, Nationals and Greens are losing support fast. They are like sinking ships. The vessels are listing to port, the water is rushing in, and despite claims to the contrary from the captain and crew, the passengers know they are in trouble.

As more and more evidence of treason and corruption comes to light, their supporters will abandon their ship.

Our goal is to be there ready and waiting with our big beautiful AUSTRALIAONE Ark

We’ll collect the survivors, wrap a warm blanket around them, give them a hot cup of tea, coffee or even bone broth and welcome them aboard.

Our number one priority is to ensure our Ark is ready so, at this stage and only while we are finalising our registration as a Party, we are assisting with the establishment of unofficial Supporter Groups which will in time transition into Branches.

In every state there are people interested in joining up and the need for Supporter Groups is growing nation-wide and here’s how you can help.

Step 1Recruit Supporters. You should recommend the following initial steps to potential supporters.

  • Research A1.
    • Watch the launch video for A1:

  • Watch ‘The Five Threats to Australia’ video:

  • Read our Aims and Objectives as well as our Interim Policies at our website

  • Join A1. If they like what they see, they should next sign up as a supporter at the website
  • Working with Children Check (WWCC) / Blue Card (QLD). It will be a prerequisite to have a WWCC/Blue Card in order to be a member of the party. It is free of charge in most States and Territories, as they will be nominating for a check for a volunteer organisation.  See here to apply in your state.

Step 2 – Build Your Supporter Group. As your group of friends or like-minded people in your area grows, have them sign up as Supporters, provide their names and WWCC / Blue Card to the State Coordinator, and then you may begin to set up your own Interim Supporter Group in your state electorate. You must:

  • have a minimum of 5 to maximum of 30 people,
  • meet weekly/fortnightly/monthly to discuss local, State and Federal issues that are affecting the electorate, and
  • communicate the Minutes of these meetings with the State Coordinator. We can send you a Minutes Proforma to the organiser prior to your first meeting.

Step 3 – Serve the People. We must earn the right to represent the people in parliament. When it comes time for an election, we want the electors to vote for our AUSTRALIAONE candidates because they already know, like and trust them due to the work they have done in the community. We will achieve this because we will:

  • Listen to the Electors. Ask and record the three top issues the people want government to do or stop doing.
  • Assist the people. In response to the information gathered by listening to the people in your electorate, assist them in practical ways. There are countless opportunities, for example:
    • if the local pool is already operating at full capacity and the government has plans to reduce funding, help raise awareness by organizing a rally in support of maintaining funding, or
    • if the local hospital is raising funds for a play area for the children with cancer, conduct sausage sizzles at your local Bunnings to raise money.
  • Raise Awareness. Inform people about AUSTRALIAONE and encourage them to learn more at the website.
  • Gain Supporters. Follow up with people and once they are persuaded that AUSTRALIAONE is for them, and encourage them to sign up as Supporters.




Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where the rubber hits the road, whatever your particular issue; whether it is returning to the original constitution, lifting the 90-year Suppression Order for VIP paedophiles, or ending the COVID lockdown.

We must now begin the process of winning back our country.

It will be slow, grinding and unforgiving work at times, but we must remember that we are here not for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren.

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?