COVID-19 related articles and information to inform you to make up you own mind about what the government, main stream media and big pharma are telling us.  

We ask everyone to think: If COVID-19 has been created in a lab – please research about investigations occurring in the USA– why then is the Australian Government manipulating and or outright scaring you into having an Emergency Vaccine?

Have the Government, media and bureaucrats told you about the risks… or about the KNOWN cures… or that they have NEVER isolated COVID-19… or about the conflict’s of interest of their ‘advisors’…


… or even your legal rights?


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Did you know that these vaccines are illegal under the Nuremberg Code (1947)? – Read here.

And what about ‘Medical Ethics‘ under the Nuremberg Code (1947)? – Read here

Have you heard about the United Nations ‘Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpilling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction (also known as BWS) that Australia signed in 1974 and ratified in 1976/77? – found here

Have you heard about international lawyers and doctors seeking to charge the USA’s CDC, WHO and the Davos group with crimes against humanity? Watch this video

Have you heard about international doctors who have united against what is being done to citizens? See America’s Frontline Doctors – see all the updated TRUTH here.

Has any Australian politician, bureaucrat, media personality, medical professional or lawyer told you about any of this?

Then why are you still listening to them?

‘What’s in the Vaccine?’ Dr R. M. Flemming Phd, MD, JD – watch here

If You Get COVID 19: WHAT CAN YOU DO – Optimize Immune System (Vitamin D, Monoclonal Antibodies, NAC, Quercetin etc – watch here

  Vaccine Side Effect Victims speak out – watch here

and here is a compilation of those who have DIED and can no longer ‘speak’ for themselves – watch here

Dr Kaufman and more Doctors around the World issue dire warning ‘Do not get the vaccine’ -watch here

And Scott Morrison says that it’s YOUR fault if you accepted the jab and DIED – watch here

Dr Michael Yeadon

Dr Yeadon is a former Pfizer Vice President and Chief of Science. He is angry at the lies being told by the government and the…

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Vaccst List #1

Please watch BEFORE getting any COVID jab.

aussieOneMay 27, 20211 min read
Please watch BEFORE getting any COVID jab.

Make YOUR right to choose, YOUR right to all information YOUR priority. Do YOUR own research. See more here:

Steve Kirsch Talk To Riccardo Bosi

ContributorNovember 13, 20211 min read
Steve Kirsch Talk To Riccardo Bosi

Steven Todd Kirsch is an American serial entrepreneur. He has started several companies, including Mouse Systems, Frame Technology Corp., Infoseek and OneID. He was one of two people who coincidentally invented the optical mouse. In 2007, his personal fortune was…

Fertility & The COVID Vaccines

ContributorNovember 10, 20211 min read
Fertility & The COVID Vaccines

Dr Michael Yeadon discusses possibly the most devastating side affect of them all. One that could lead to life imitating the plot of the movie Idiocracy.

Advice To Christians From An Old Communist

ContributorOctober 31, 20211 min read
Advice To Christians From An Old Communist

Riccardo interviewed John Wilson for a return chat. John’s insight from a position that many of us would not be familiar with should be a wakeup call

Top Medical Experts Censored For Speaking Out

aussieOneOctober 12, 20214 min read
Top Medical Experts Censored For Speaking Out

Sunday 10th of October. Riccardo Bosi hosted a webinar with two leading health professionals who have both been censored for exposing the damage being done by the current COVID-19 policy of most western countries. Professor Dolores Cahill – Inventor, Professor…

How They Voted

ContributorOctober 6, 20211 min read
How They Voted

It is important to know that your representatives in parliament voted on any issue. They are elected according to our constitution to vote according to the wishes of the people who elected them. Our parliament institutions are full of people…

Alex Jones Interviews Riccardo Bosi On InfoWars

ContributorSeptember 27, 20211 min read
Alex Jones Interviews Riccardo Bosi On InfoWars

September 27 AustraliaOne leader talks one on one with Alex Jones. Alex and Riccardo talked for an hour on a wide range of subjects including the path out the tyranny that we are in now facing. From how did we…