COVID-19 related articles and information to inform you to make up you own mind about what the government, main stream media and big pharma are telling us.  

We ask everyone to think: If COVID-19 has been created in a lab – please research about investigations occurring in the USA– why then is the Australian Government manipulating and or outright scaring you into having an Emergency Vaccine?

Have the Government, media and bureaucrats told you about the risks… or about the KNOWN cures… or that they have NEVER isolated COVID-19… or about the conflict’s of interest of their ‘advisors’…

Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) – Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

… or even your legal rights?

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Did you know that these vaccines are illegal under the Nuremberg Code (1947)? – Read here.

And what about ‘Medical Ethics‘ under the Nuremberg Code (1947)? – Read here

Have you heard about the United Nations ‘Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpilling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction (also known as BWS) that Australia signed in 1974 and ratified in 1976/77? – found here

Have you heard about international lawyers and doctors seeking to charge the USA’s CDC, WHO and the Davos group with crimes against humanity? Watch this video

Have you heard about international doctors who have united against what is being done to citizens? See America’s Frontline Doctors – see all the updated TRUTH here.

Has any Australian politician, bureaucrat, media personality, medical professional or lawyer told you about any of this?

Then why are you still listening to them?

‘What’s in the Vaccine?’ Dr R. M. Flemming Phd, MD, JD – watch here

If You Get COVID 19: WHAT CAN YOU DO – Optimize Immune System (Vitamin D, Monoclonal Antibodies, NAC, Quercetin etc – watch here

  Vaccine Side Effect Victims speak out – watch here

and here is a compilation of those who have DIED and can no longer ‘speak’ for themselves – watch here

Dr Kaufman and more Doctors around the World issue dire warning ‘Do not get the vaccine’ -watch here

And Scott Morrison says that it’s YOUR fault if you accepted the jab and DIED – watch here

Vaccst List #1

Constitutional Monarchy Vs Republic

aussieOneMay 19, 20211 min read
Constitutional Monarchy Vs Republic

Should Australia stay a constitutional Monarchy or become a Republic? Has our current system served us well, or is it a time to consider a change? What are the pro and cons of both sides? AustraliaOne leader Riccardo Bosi discusses…

COVID-19 Updates

ContributorMay 19, 202112 min read

AustraliaOne recogniozes the work of others in exposing the truth about the Covid-19 virus.  We do not impose our views on you as an individual but believe the each person should evaluate the evidence in a manner which is both…

The Super Fuel —- Unobtanium…

aussieOneMay 18, 20211 min read
The Super Fuel —- Unobtanium…

An alternative challenge to solar and wind power.

What it is like for some taking the COVID Vaccine

ContributorMay 12, 20211 min read
What it is like for some taking the COVID Vaccine

Why are the media and the Government withholding this information from the general public.   While not everyone has this reaction, some do.