Dispatch 24 August 2021

Australia is currently faced with one of the greatest crises in contemporary history.

Never have we seen such an obvious disregard for human life as we are witnessing now:

  • Suspect information parroted by our elected members, their advisors and their appointees,
  • Advisors and appointees with little to know relevant experience, or worse, experience that leaves serious questions about their independence from foreign influence,
  • A Prime Minister and State Premiers (Daniel Andrews (VIC), Annastacia Palaszczuk(QLD), Andrew Barr (ACT), Gladys Berejiklian (NSW), Michael Gunner (NT), Peter Gutwein(TAS), Steven Marshall (SA), Mark McGowan (WA)) guilty of braking their Constitutional obligation to you by creating a totalitarian ‘National Cabinet’ making decisions for you quietly, confidentially and without full accountability,
  • The enforcement of questionable medical practices and procedures that is not only prohibited in our Constitution but many other laws protecting our citizens,
  • And if this is not enough, the direction that our children must now be subjected to their unsubstantiated ‘evidence’.

Australia, we have been warning you, and it’s now coming to a head.

As you may have heard, on the 31st August, the nation’s truck drivers may be blockading our borders potentially for a few weeks, in protest to the current situation.

If this happens, you may wish to stock up on non-perishables, water, fuel and the like.

This will be tough for some, so we ask all to please keep an eye out for those in your neighbourhood, and let’s help each other through the difficult situation our elected persons and their bureaucrats have created.

AustraliaOne policy summary can be found here.