Dispatch 07 July 2021

In a time when our freedoms and rights have been challenged and removed like never before, there are good people fighting for us. But we must each know our rights and stand up for them.

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Dispatch 09 July 2021

9th July 2021 9th July 2021 HOW LONG BEFORE YOU ARE NEXT? Ladies and gentlemen, the people you have elected have and continue to fail in their duty to YOU the Australian citizen. We have shown you over and over again what YOUR politicians are failing to share with you. Just look at our website… look at the Tab…

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Stop Late Term Abortion

Politicians from all parties are trying to trick the people of South Australia into joining Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland into passing the world’s most brutal and extreme abortion laws. It is part of the plan to destroy Australia. We will not allow this to occur. Please help us spread the word especially…

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