Dr Morrison’s Quick Fix Could Lead To Even More Tragedy

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is fast becoming a true expert in talking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to his concern for the safety of Australians during this Wuhan flu outbreak, Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi said today.

“First, he locked the country down, causing untold damage to the people and the economy and now he seems to want to violate our human rights by vaccinating every Australian with an inadequately tested chemical concoction,” Mr Bosi said.

“The damage of his first action has already caused economic catastrophe to the nation, but his knee-jerk attempt to vaccinate everyone may prove even more devastating.

“Through centuries, medical scientists have been unable to find a cure for the common cold, also a coronavirus, so why does Morrison expect them to come up with a vaccine-style cure for COVID-19 within a matter of months?”

He said influenza vaccines had not wiped out the flu coronavirus, so why would he, a politician, believe a safe vaccine against COVID could be developed in a matter of months?

The average vaccine takes about seven years to develop and be rendered safe for humans and even then, a number had caused damaging neurological effects years later.

“Meanwhile, a simple and very cheap remedy that has not only proven to be successful and which doctors are prescribing for themselves and their families, has been banned in Australia,” Mr Bosi said.

“Why are our governments refusing to allow the 65-year-old and sound drug, Hydroxychloroquine, to be dispensed by pharmacists?

“Are they in bed with the corrupt Big Pharma owners, who stand to make billions if Morrison goes down the vaccine route?

“What kind of deal has our Government made with the drug giant AstraZeneca to produce this vaccine?

“Over the past few decades, governments and authoritarian bureaucrats have been telling us all to ‘listen and take heed of the science’ and their ‘selected experts’ on many issues.”

He said during this current exercise of fear mongering, many Australians had, indeed, listened and heeded the advice of real and practicing medical experts, who had proved tangible evidence of success.

They were also gob-smacked by the urgent need to inoculate everyone against a virus that had a 99.7 per cent cure rate, when a safe and natural alternative was available.

“The speed in which our governments have turned this western democracy into a tyrannical state, where fear is the ever-present overlord, is morally repugnant,” Mr Bosi said.

“And many families are living with the trepidation of their children being removed from the family home in cases where parents exercise their right by refusing to willingly enter Morrison’s inoculation ‘gas chamber’.”