End the lockdown now

As thousands of boxes of unused personal protective equipment are put in storage containers at Sydney hospitals, more than 7000 unused ventilators around the nation search for a home and COVID-19 testing clinics remain deserted for the fifth week, it is time to end this lockdown, according to Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi.

“After over-ordering supplies in the rush to cater for coronavirus patients who never arrived at our hospitals, Australia over-ordered equipment and paid greatly overblown prices,” Mr Bosi said.

It’s great we now have all this vital equipment on standby for the future, but questions need to be asked.

On whose recommendation were the ventilators purchased to battle COVID-19 and were they ordered before or after there was evidence internationally that a combination of tested drugs had proven successful in defeating the disease?

The Australian people have a right to know from whom were they purchased and how much above the going rate they paid?

Can we be certain these ventilators are functional, given that some countries are returning those from China for being faulty?

Will the ventilators be tested and returned if proven faulty or just placed in storage ready to fail when our people really need them?

Just 32 ventilators have been needed since the scare began and the apparent crisis became more an abuse of power than a medical emergency.

“Australians were told we were being locked down to prevent our hospitals being overrun, but this had not occurred and has never even come close to occurring,” Mr Bosi said.

“And the Government is now shifting the goalposts by claiming that we must remain in lockdown until the virus has been totally eliminated.

“Our governments must end the lockdown now and set out a clear timetable for the full reopening of the country by May 15.

“Either that or give people a full explanation, complete with verifiable scientific data and opinions from a range of experts, as to why the lockdown should continue.

“No banal sound bites and excuses that ‘we are not yet out of the woods’ because we were never in them.

“Scotty from Marketing and his National Cabinet need to put up or open up before placing this great nation into serfdom.

“If not, they should prepare to answer to those ‘quiet Australians’ who have lost their livelihoods and homes as a result of manipulation via a scare campaign.

 “Who do these tin-gods think they are, particularly NSW’s Good for Nothing Gladys who seems to be enjoying herself just a little too much, telling those who employ her how to behave, where they may go and whom they may visit.”

Mr Bosi said if the Prime Minister can’t or won’t tell us why we are still in lockdown, the Australian people should tell him, in no uncertain terms, they want their country back.

“Australians must wake up and realise that we have all the power and that Scotty from Marketing and the premiers should work for those who pay their salaries, the Australian people,” he said.