Facebook’s secret police silences drought relief effort

Facebook is effectively the New World Order’s secret police, which identifies and silences dissent, Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi said today.

“Just like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany and the Cheka in Bolshevik Russia, Facebook will shut down free speech on its site, providing nothing more than spurious claims that users have breached community standards while providing no real recourse,” Mr Bosi said.

“And Silent Scott Morrison along with his corrupted government are either complicit in this treason or are simply too impotent to act against this clear and present danger to our national interest.

“For some time now, we have seen and heard of examples of those who speak out against the NWO being shut down and it doesn’t matter if they are from the right or the left side of politics.

“Those who express an opinion that challenges the authorised view are silenced.”

Mr Bosi cited a recent report written by Belinda-Jane Davis and published in the Maitland Mercury about the shutting down of “The One Day Closer to Rain (Drought)” Facebook page.

Set up by Maitland farmer Cassandra McLaren, the page had more than 45,000 followers and not only provided crucial support to farmers suffering in the drought, but it united the city with the bush in a real and tangible way.

“Good on the Maitland Mercury, which has done the right thing and contacted Facebook for comment, but I wouldn’t hold my breath,” Mr Bosi said.

“Facebook has a long and disturbing track record of promoting the NWO agenda while crushing the genuine desires of citizens of sovereign nations.

“For years now, Facebook has been used in Europe to shut down any debate critical of out-of-control Muslim immigration from Africa and the Middle East as well as of the horrendous crimes that have accompanied it.

“And to make things worse, it is not only Silent Scott Morrison who is keeping his mouth shut, but our entire cowardly and treacherous parliament.

“Is there even one federal politician who is willing to bell the cat?”

“We are losing control of our nation one day at a time, one crooked law at a time and it’s about time we began to push back against the political and bureaucratic elites in Canberra who are selling us out to the globalists..

“Yes indeed, it is time.”