Flannery’s has-beens must be held to account

Discredited activist scientist Tim Flannery and his crowd-funded Climate Council are the driving forces behind a brigade of former government-appointed fire chiefs who may well be responsible for the ferocity of recent bushfires, Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi said today.

“Under the watch of these government-appointed specialists, fire fuel was allowed to build up in the areas of bushland that sparked our east-coast fires,” Mr Bosi said.

“These individuals, who were paid generously from the public purse, must accept their liability, apologise to those whose lives they have destroyed and be forced to contribute to rebuilding the lives and properties of those they have ruined

“But instead, they are allowed to parade in front of television cameras spruiking Flannery’s ‘cause’ by programming the public to believe the federal government is the only group responsible for this destruction because of its inaction in playing God.”

He said all those groups and individuals responsible for allowing fuel loads to build up to catastrophic levels must be held accountable for the devastating fires that are sweeping across Australia.

 “Like our bank chief executives and boards, who have fallen on their swords or have been sacked for their wrongdoing or incompetence, so should all local, state and federal politicians, and the faceless bureaucrats be held accountable for signing off on this nation-destroying policy.

Mr Bosi said an inevitable royal commission that will be called for in the months ahead was unnecessary and would be a further drain on the nation’s coffers and into the wrong pockets.

“Instead, we must revisit the recommendations made in all past royal commissions into bush fires, going right back to those made in the 1939 inquiry into that year’s catastrophic fires in Victoria.

“All those responsible for locking our national parks, blocking fire trails and legislating against those who attempt to protect their own property, must answer to those who pay their salaries,” he said.

“It is time these ghosts of fire-emergency services past and those puffed-up public servants responsible, change their habits and start working in our national interest rather than donning their smart suits to recite scripts written by their political masters.

“Suspiciously absent from the dire assertions made my Flannery’s brigade are factual observations and their experiences of arson, which account for 50 per cent of bushfires, and the 56 individuals already arrested for lighting 72 of current fires.

“I am convinced vested interests are playing a very big part in furthering the cause of the climate-change industry and it is time for these to be exposed publicly.

“It is time Australians voted out the corrupt political elite and its uniformed bush-fire bureaucrats and replace them with people who know what needs to be done and can do it.”