Global Warming and the freezing poor.


Federal Leader

Climate change “believing” has become more a cult than a science.

Global warming is based entirely on faulty computer models that have been used to cause massive economic and social destruction, something we have also seen during the recent COVID scare.

Scientists readily admit they do not fully understand how the environment works, so how can they predict how it will behave? They can’t.

Not one of the predictions made by climate alarmists have come true, in fact, they have been catastrophically wrong on every occasion.

Alarmist scientists have tried to silence climate realists and even have them sacked. What they did to Peter Ridd, one of Australia’s leading scientists and a former professor at James Cook University North Queensland, is a case in point.

The truth is that we have been deceived with respect to CO2. We have a very low level of CO2 in the atmosphere compared with the past 500 million years and in fact, during the Ice Ages it was 10 times the present level. Additionally, if CO2 drops below a certain level, plant life and therefore life on earth will cease to exist.

The sun and the seas determine how cool or warm we are, not the level of CO2, which is plant food and the more we have, the better, cheaper and more drought resistant are our flora.

Even if we think man-made global warming is real and dangerous, Australia can do nothing because even if we stopped all production tomorrow it wouldn’t make the slightest difference when countries such as China and India are ramping up their economies and opening more and more coal fired power stations.

It make no sense to cripple this country and send it back to the Stone Age just to appease a lobby that hates the West and free markets, that is the very basis of our incredible way of life.

Australian governments are betraying the Australian people, telling us the Paris Climate Accord was a good idea, but the people never consented to relocating our nation’s finances overseas — and Australia’s emissions targets are laughably ineffectual when compared with the world’s major polluters.

They have shut down our coal-fired power stations while hundreds are being built by our competitors in overseas countries, many of which also signed the Paris Climate Accord.

Our Federal Government has little trouble finding funds and the wherewithal to aid foreign nations experiencing hardship but when it comes to its own people it finds every excuse in the book to do nothing.

The sacred cow of “environment” has been used to break the backs of Australian farmers, who should be free to use their land as they see fit.

True “green” ideology and environmental common sense lies with our farmers, who have a vested interest in protecting the land.

If government wants to really help, first it should get off the backs of farmers and leave them alone to do what they do best.  Second, it should ask farmers what they need to again become the most productive primary industry in the world.

Renewable energy is a scam and is environmentally destructive, expensive and cannot provide baseload electricity.

Why should those people who can afford taxpayer-subsidised solar energy sell overpriced power back into the grid which the poor in our community must pay?

It is a case of the poor being robbed by inner city greenies.

If results are the measure of success, then the global warming fanatics should be proud to know they have persuaded good Australians into joining them in an economic scam that have seen the rich get richer and the poor freeze in their homes.

*   *   *