Is Ardern boosting destructive socialism in Australia?

Many Australians must be wondering why the unelected leader of a foreign country was sitting on our unconstitutional “National Cabinet”, Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi said today.

“Australians do not have the right to vote in New Zealand elections, so why was Ardern, who was not even popularly elected by her own country, allowed to take part in a meeting of Australian government leaders?” Mr Bosi asked.

“Is there a move to annex NZ as another Australian state?

“After gaining just 36 per cent of the vote at NZ’s 2017 general election, compared with the 44 per cent the country’s National Party was able to muster, Ardern holds the position only because of some quirks of the country’s electoral system.

“Ardern was not wanted in her own country and she is certainly not wanted in any decision-making capacity in Australia.

“Why are we entertaining a person who just 10 years ago was the president of the International Union of Socialist Youth and who promoted the stooges of an ideology that not only killed hundreds of millions of people last century but brought misery and poverty to millions more?

“Scotty from Marketing might as well have invited a former member of the Hitler Youth to his unelected National Cabinet.

“Why are we bowing and scraping to unelected socialists like Ardern and her like-minded masters in the UN and World Health Organisation?

“And why is our Federal Government taking orders from them rather than from the Australian people?

“Is Ardern’s advice for Australia to put on a hijab and hug away COVID-19?” Mr Bosi said the “national cabinet” itself was completely unconstitutional.

The electors of NSW did not vote for Daniel Andrews or Anastasia Palaszczuk to be making choices for them and he was sure West Australians were not too keen by Gladys Berejiklian sticking her nose in their affairs.

“And to add insult to injury, we now have an unelected Prime Minister from an alien nation sitting in on this unconstitutional ‘cabinet’,” he said.

“But to be fair, Ms Ardern has made one rational decision during this pandemic scare: the 20 per cent politician and senior bureaucrat salary cuts, something Mr Morrison should have put in place weeks ago.

“It is well past time Scotty stopped talking about holding talks and took some real action on ending the lockdown because unemployment numbers are very ugly and talking will not undo more than 40 per cent of layoffs is some industry sectors.

“Meanwhile, manufacturing jobs have been cut by more than 17 per cent and according to business sentiment survey data, half the business owners believe they will not survive the next 12 months.

“Scotty and the premiers should read the Australian Constitution until they understand its words, before sitting down to talk and no-ne should leave the room until there is a full timetable for ending this suicidal infringement on Australia and its people.

“Every day they delay means thousands more jobs lost, millions of savings gone and more businesses that will never reopen.”

Mr Bosi said the entire Parliament was hopelessly out of touch, aloof, arrogant, uncaring and dictatorial and it seemed to most Australians they were enjoying their current power over their “good little soldiers”.

These tin gods, who are at best incompetent and at worst unprincipled verging on corrupt, needed to be replaced by competent and decent Australian people at the very next opportunity.

“Now is the time for our Prime Minister to make a judgment call in Australia’s interests. “This can never ever be allowed to happen again,” he said.

“But first, the Australian people need to wake up and take back our freedoms that are there to protect us.”