Is Covid-19 the latest global political hoax?

Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi is among the hordes of Australians who want an answer to why overpaid commentators on Australian television channels are swooning over Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the premiers like teenage girls once did over the Bay City Rollers.

“The so-called National Cabinet has been an unmitigated disaster and the true cost of its uncoordinated, ill-informed, and unnecessary actions will become apparent in the months and years to come unless immediate action is taken to open Australia,” Mr Bosi said.

“If the mainstream media was doing its job instead of stroking the egos and boosting the polls numbers of utterly useless politicians from all the major parties, it would have asked them the following questions.

• Why are more and more respected medical professionals from around the world discrediting the official narrative surrounding COVID-19 and effectively calling it a hoax?

• Why are patients being officially diagnosed as suffering from COVID-19 based only on their flu-like symptoms which have many other causes?

• Why is the reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) being used to test for COVID-19 when it doesn’t actually test for COVID-19 but rather tests for genetic material that could be present for many other conditions?

• Why is the RT-PCR being used to diagnose COVID-19 when the inventor of the test, biochemist and Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, said the test should not be used to diagnose infectious disease?

• Why have the four postulates of physician and microbiologist Robert Koch, the internationally accepted gold standard for over two centuries for establishing whether a microorganism causes a disease, never been applied to COVID-19?

• Why do pictures of what are alleged to be the COVID-19 virus look exactly the same as exosomes, which are released by cells as part of the natural human immune system response when cells are poisoned by toxicity, poisoned through stress and fear, or poisoned through electromagnetic radiation?

• Why have the number of COVID-19 deaths allegedly spiked internationally, yet the number of deaths globally from all other causes has decreased by the same number?

• Have causes of death on death certificates been reclassified from the real reason to COVID-19?

“And is it true that figures from Italian health authorities indicate 99 per cent of people classified as having died from COVID-19 were actually suffering from up to four other life-threatening diseases, any of which could have been the real cause of death?”

Mr Bosi said the list of questions goes on but we have not heard these questions being asked by anyone anywhere?

“Do Australians feel as though we might not know the whole truth?

“Are we being taken for fools, being played?

“If so, by whom and why?

“Don’t bother asking the media, they won’t tell you.”

He said it was time we ignored the fake news and started finding out for ourselves what was really going on.