Is the UN the puppet master behind our loss of sovereignty?

It is well past time our Prime Minister began lifting the veils of secrecy that have concealed many global deals signed by successive federal governments since the end of World War II, Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi said today.

“And our farmers, the backbone of this nation’s development and prosperity, are paying a very heavy price for probably the most insidious deal of all — one our Federal Government signed up to in March 1975.

“Under the guise of a United Nations declaration and plan of action on industrial development and cooperation, this deal is better known as the Lima Declaration, a document ensuring Australia’s primary industries would be wound down and transferred to developing nations in a bid for a New World Economic Order and a centralised world government.

“In other words, a surrender of our sovereignty.”

Mr Bosi said it was no accident or “cock up” that so many farmers were going broke, walking off their land or committing suicide as a result of the present drought.

He said he had often wondered if the shelving of the nation-building Bradfield project was a conscious decision made by our government to comply with the directives of the UN’s New World Order.

“Our Murray-Darling Basin Plan is further evidence of how our UN-compliant policies have destroyed our primary industry,” he said.

“Since governments from both persuasions began their work on making water a commercial commodity, our farmers in the Murray-Darling catchment area have seen the cost of this natural resource rise from a fair $30/GL to about $600/GL today.

“How on earth can Australian farmers stay afloat, let alone compete, under such unreasonable conditions signed off by our politicians?”

“The Coalition Government of 2007 rammed through the Water Act 2007 without listening or taking into account the advice of experts after the millennium drought.

“The Prime Minister at the time, John Howard, had recently promoted Malcolm Turnbull to his Cabinet as Minister for the Environment and Water.”

Mr Bosi said the truth behind this tragedy, known for decades by many “quiet Australians”, is finally being revealed.

“Australians have been kept in the dark on what has really been going on for far too long, and all too often our political class has thrown us diversions to focus on, while making treasonous decisions behind our backs,” he said.

“The Lima Declaration is just one example of how our governments have deceived us, but its tentacles reach far and wide into all aspects of our lives and Australia One intends to expose how this and other shady deals have been made on behalf of the Australian people.

Mr Bosi said Australia’s Constitution had been under attack for 50 years because it contained all the points of reference for matters of discrimination, free trade, foreign affairs, domestic conduct and personal liberties Australia needed as a free nation and, because of this, it presented a direct threat to the UN’s mandate of a central government: “They’re after you, but the Australian Constitution is in their way”.

“We are setting up to be a party for the Australian Constitution, for those who are concerned about our nation’s future, and for those who know the difference between right and wrong,” he said.

“It is a huge challenge, one that citizens in other western democracies are also attempting, but I believe we can do it as long as Australians stand up to the threats and create the best future for our children, grandchildren and for all Australians who will come after us.”