Is this what treason looks like?

It will be up to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and in his own interest if he follows the US lead and the hopes of his “silent Australians” in cutting all financial strings to the World Health Organisation, according to Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi.

“With the economic and geopolitical reset of the world taking place at present, only a new boy in a marketing division would continue the ways of the past,” Mr Bosi said.

“But, if reports are true, Scotty from marketing is suggesting even more powers be given to an organisation that has already proved to the world that it is not only totally incompetent but involved in collusion and corruption with Australia’s enemies.

“Our Prime Minister said recently that the WHO had ‘made mistakes’ through its handling of the coronavirus but anyone who has conducted a due diligence to this UN body, would know this organisation’s handling of the pandemic was no accident.

“And now he is proposing we give this unethical organisation the power of weapons inspectors?”

He said both the Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton had pointed to the necessity of the WHO’s involvement with Australia’s Pacific Island neighbours, but Suva’s lockdown ended on 17 April, and we have had no news of COVID-19 cases anywhere else in the Pacific.

“Instead of pushing for a body with inspection powers to monitor disease outbreaks, Scotty’s time may be better spent briefing himself on not only where $40 million of Australian tax-payers’ dollars to the WHO are going each year, but to whom.

“And while he’s at it, he should take a close look at the background of the WHO’s Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is not a medical doctor but a former Ethiopian Marxist terrorist.

“When will the rusted-on Liberal supporters in the media wake up and realise the party is dead. There is no saving the Coalition and by pretending that it can be saved will send Australia further down the road to serfdom.”