Is Thunberg a pawn in millionaires’ games?

Disturbing information emanating from the northern hemisphere and reportedly attributed to the captain of the yacht that sailed teenage climate-change activist Greta Thunberg to New York must be investigated and clarified, according to Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi.

“If what I read is true, lies and deceit are coming from the highest echelons in our global governance and must be ‘nipped in the bud’ as soon as possible,” Mr Bosi said.

“It seems a story is gaining momentum on social media that Thunberg is no more than a patsy of European venture capitalists focused on investing in green technologies but are having a hard time finding companies to invest in and are chasing initial government funding.

“If this is the case, we can assume her activism is no more than a ploy for these entities to obtain government grants so their venture-capital funds can make money.”

Mr Bosi said the report stated these outfits selected Thunberg from a number of young Swedish girls to take on the role to represent their interests on the world stage.

“The report claims Thunberg, who had no scientific expertise, was trained and coached by a German marketing firm to do their bidding and that her ‘stolen childhood’ UN speech was a script written for her by that firm.

“If these claims are in any way close to the truth, a full inquiry must be called for immediately.

“It smells very like the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ fiasco of two decades ago, when the truth was only exposed after the world had been already convinced of their existence.

“No wonder our world political leaders are regarded with such disdain if they are in any way complicit to any hyped-up fantasies that are designed predominantly to frighten.”

Mr Bosi added that the yacht captain reportedly told the writer of the report that he and three crew members were to fly back to Europe while three new crew members would be flying to New York to sail the yacht back to Europe.