National Tour

Beginning November 23rd Riccardo will commence a national tour to kick off the next phase of the AUSTRALIAONE plan to Save Australia.

Our intention in this phase is for future AUSTRALIAONE members (and that means you) to win the balance of power at the next federal election. We anticipate the election will be called early and be held at the end of 2021, and so we must all start preparing now.

The first month of the tour during November and December will see Riccardo and his family travel by road from Sydney, visiting towns both large and small throughout central and northern New South Wales and then onto south and central Queensland concluding in far north Queensland. The tour will then continue into other states in the new year.

The tour will give Riccardo the opportunity to:

  • listen to the people and understand the issues facing them;
  • explain the AUSTRALIAONE aims, objectives and policies;
  • answer any and all questions; and
  • build the AUSTRALIAONE Army that will fight to win our country back.

The tour will also permit Riccardo and his family to meet and personally thank the AUSTRALIAONE family for their amazing dedication to Australia.

How can you help?

We need your support to raise the funds required for the tour, so we ask you to chip in whatever you can afford to get us there by clicking here.  Riccardo will be posting regular updates in order to keep you informed on the progress of the tour.

Thank you again for your loyalty and support and with your help we can look forward to building the AUSTRALIAONE Army we need to create our best future.

National Tour information

The initial tour will start in norther NSW in the next two weeks before moving to Qld in the following month.  Keep monitoring this page for actual details as they are confirmed.