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AUSTRALIAONE believes very strongly that there is ONE race – the human race – with variations of genetics, cultures, melanin content and language that define and hold a community and its people together; and while we support all, we believe in the rights of individuals to be held to account personally for any harm affected upon another… so please don’t start ‘race-baiting’, gender-thrashing or supporting the demise of one culture over another… as you will be blocked and or removed.

We The People must grow up and stop playing the games of those who seek to divide and remove us from this Earth.

All our love, from AUSTRALIAONE, whose people have chosen to become or were born proud Australian citizens – who may have personally hailed from across our oceans or who have been born here and who, but for the grace of their ancestors decisions, are part Aboriginal, Italian, Scandinavian, German, Irish, Scottish, Austrian, Croatian, Balkans, Maltese, British, American, French, Lebanese …, i.e. We The People are culturally diverse.