Building the Ark

Many Supporters are asking ‘What is our next step?’ and that is a great question. All the major parties; Liberal, Labor, Nationals and Greens are losing support fast. They are like sinking ships. The vessels are listing to port, the water is rushing in, and despite claims to the contrary from the captain and crew,…

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The Major Parties Have Betrayed Us

Riccardo Bosi, founder of the Australia One political party joins the Carnage House to discuss his candidacy in the Eden-Monaro by-election and other issues. We discussed China, the corruption issues in mainstream media and politics, the globalists and more!

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The Good Migrant

To what country and people do I owe most? To that which I have never seen, with which I have no connection but that it is the home of some of my relatives? Or to that in which and among whom I was born, have grown up, where I have learned all that I know,…

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