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Politician’s puppet masters

Rhiannon Bosi (Chief of Staff)

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William WilberforceBritish
MP 1780-1825, Slavery Abolitionist

Our politicians have masters and it is not we who vote them power and pay their salaries.

These masters (and please do not assume the politicians have suddenly come up with this) have manipulated public opinion, in order to entrench their system of power, exploitation and injustice.

This manipulation has been achieved at the cost and to the detriment of all Australians’ constitutional and assumed rights that we desperately cling to as well as the simple moral concept of right and wrong.

We all know that Australia’s way of life, how we live and what we value has changed dramatically in just a few short decades and we suspect we know how.

They have feigned belief in many real and imagined causes such as human rights, child protection, equal opportunities for women, racial and gender equality and climate change, and then used them as sticks to beat the average Australian into submission and silence.

Politicians have weaponised their public relations, in cahoots with a willing media, to brainwash and indoctrinate the population by ridiculing, sneering, ignoring, defaming, gaoling and abusing those who dare to question the accepted narrative.

Australians must be wondering: “To what end?”

To answer that is simple, just ignore what they say and look at what they do and the “end” becomes obvious.

The immigration policies of all four major parties, the Liberals, Nationals, Labor and the Greens are flooding Australia with numbers beyond our infrastructure’s capacity, resulting in the degradation of basic services, economic retardation coupled with skyrocketing cost of living.

Those allowed to arrive in Australia are from countries with cultures that are highly incompatible with Australia’s western democratic tradition, resulting in the fracturing of our social cohesion. And at the same time, they ignore the plight of refugees such as the white South Africans who face a proven threat, need a safe destination and who would fit into Australia with ease.

To any clear-eyed observer, it is obvious that these actions would result in the destruction of Australia as a western democracy.

This is the first gift our politicians are delivering to their masters.

Next, let us examine the results of all governments, both Liberal/Nationals and Labor/Green with respect to our economy for the past four decades.

We used to manufacture and exports goods, now we are like the third world countries of old where we export raw materials and import manufactured goods. This is not the result of goof economic management but more evidence of betrayal.

Our economic capability has been progressively destroyed, dismantled, or whittled away to the point where Australia is totally reliant on the goodwill of foreign governments.

A case in point that demonstrates our subservience is the inability to protect ourselves or even speak in our own defence against the recent 80 per cent tariff placed by China on our barley exports. Our economy is effectively controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

We have been neutered and it has been no accident but believe it or not, this is still not enough.

The imbecilic response of the Federal and state governments to the COVID-19 scare has destroyed the Australian economy. Blind Freddy could see what was going to happen and

yet the ridiculously incompetent national cabinet has burdened Australia with an unrepayable debt and an economy so enfeebled that future governments will be unable to raise the money.

If the politicians’ goal was to destroy the Australian economy under the cover of a nation-wide COVID-19 response, and there is ample evidence to this end, they have succeeded.

And this was achieved with the assistance of a compliant population who believed the nonsense coming out of Canberra, and who were told to disregard a proven, inexpensive

and readily available treatment reported by many reputable international sources.

Australians by and large, did not leave their houses and they downloaded an app that tracks not only their movements but also the movements of all other app users, exactly as they do in Communist China. Some have even volunteered to trial the COVID-19 vaccine which has not undergone any animal trials, has not undergone a double-blind test and is from a source that is being sued by the government of India for the hundreds of deaths and thousands of disabilities caused by their other vaccines.

Are we mad?

No. We have been brainwashed.

It’s as if we are no more than puppets obeying those pulling the strings.

And here’s the worst part — look at how successful the politicians have been.

How many people still claim the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the state premiers are acting in the interests of the people and the country?

I know many Australians are waking up — but your silence is consent.

I cannot insist any more strongly: Our politicians are destroying our nation by design!

They have convinced you that you don’t have the power to do anything about it, that it’s all in your best interest, that they deserve your trust and faith.


Now ask yourself, is there an election coming up? Is their seat, their party, under threat? Are they seeking your money to fund their campaign?

Australians haven’t fought for our nation, we’ve had no civil war and we’ve not had to fight for our independence.

We are a nation that began with a country full of resources undiscovered and/or underdeveloped by those who were here, realised by a nation who knew their value, with a forced labour force who were taken from their own families against their will.

But now we must unite, under one flag, under one banner, under one principal: For all our people.

The time has come.

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