Population control moves into second gear

Peter Baker (Queensland )

Freedom! What is it to you?

That you can go to the pub? That you can still go to Bunnings? That you can go fishing?

Or is it when you can sit in front of the television and watch footy?

None of us are free, and have not been since before the crisis, let alone now.

To me, freedom is when you are free to do as you wish as long as you hurt no-one in the process.

The extent of unnecessary government involvement in our lives has been overwhelming – even before the COVID-19 hoax — in fact, Australia was well known to be in the top three of the world’s most regulated nations.

Our governments have stuck the boot in even more with this latest scare and Australians couldn’t wait to comply.

And now after months of blindly complying, we are still under imprisonment by “toy”, criminal, dictators who have plainly never read the Australian Constitution nor believe we even have one.

Many people who live in a bubble devoid of any knowledge of Australian history, its heritage or how our political system works, seem to believe we are regaining all our freedoms.Really?

Won’t it be fun to finally go to a pub or a restaurant, now we know that it soon may be allowed, all be it regulated by those same criminal tyrants?

Criminal? Yes, because they have put themselves above the rule of law, our Prime Minister included.

So off to the pubs we will go, but remember that there will be strings attached to this lone “freedom” and expect even more strings attached to other “freedoms” to come.

We must not be surprised to be greeted at the door with a storm-trooper type giving us a time limit and a stiff reprimand on how to behave.

We will be constantly aware of government controlling our experience from the time we enter until the time we leave.

We will think twice about all we do (even simply going to the toilet and how to get there) without being closer than yodelling distance from our fellow patrons, who will be positioned on the “new normal” crosses on the floor.

And that my friends is the pure tyranny of criminal government that is upon us, and the insanity it produces.

We may think we are free to go to the pub but we are free to do it only under set government restrictions and conditions, and we may eventually notice even our minds are under third-party control while at a venue.

Does that seem like freedom to you? It certainly does not to me.

So, I will be breaking their unlawful decrees by going camping or having as many people to my home as I feel, because by bowing to their kind of neo-fascist insanity is bound to affect my mental health.

To me, right now, in this Marxist-like attack, the prizes are our minds, and I believe with a little thought, most Australians will see this for themselves.

Be outraged and never forget that these arseholes are our representatives and not leaders in any shape or form.
Be outraged at the physical prison they have put us in by force of arms, because in doing so, we will maintain our sanity.
Backed up by overwhelming propaganda that modern technology has enabled on a global scale, these little tyrants are trying to take away our freedoms and if we allow this to happen or are desperate enough to believe our true freedoms will be restored, we will be living in cloud-cuckoo land and with Stockholm Syndrome.

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