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Seditious Text Message A Hoax

A “seditious” message calling for the Governor-General to remove the Australian Government by 11 September 2020 and to name Australia One Party leader Riccardo Bosi as head of an interim government, is currently being texted widely throughout Australia. Mr Bosi wishes to make it perfectly clear that this message is a hoax and he has…

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Big pharma, big tobacco welcome heaven-sent laws

New draconian laws and fines that directly attack hundreds of thousands of Australians who have complied with community social mores, are proof that the Australian Government and Health Minister Greg Hunt are among the world’s leading hypocrites, Eden-Monaro Independent candidate Riccardo Bosi said today. “Under the cover of their COVID-19 scare mongering, Hunt and the…

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We applaud Trump’s move on social media equality

US President Donald Trump’s signing of an Executive Order to bring social media giants under regulation was well overdue and welcomed by Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi. President Trump was driven to sign such an order after Twitter applied its biased “fact check” to a tweet made by him regarding the likelihood of widespread fraud…

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Is Ardern boosting destructive socialism in Australia?

Many Australians must be wondering why the unelected leader of a foreign country was sitting on our unconstitutional “National Cabinet”, Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi said today. “Australians do not have the right to vote in New Zealand elections, so why was Ardern, who was not even popularly elected by her own country, allowed to…

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Is Covid-19 the latest global political hoax?

Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi is among the hordes of Australians who want an answer to why overpaid commentators on Australian television channels are swooning over Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the premiers like teenage girls once did over the Bay City Rollers. “The so-called National Cabinet has been an unmitigated disaster and the true…

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Canberra kowtows to big tobacco and big pharma

The Australian Government must rely too heavily on its obnoxious tobacco tax by its immoral behaviour in preventing the nation’s smokers from quitting the habit, Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi said today. And now, the Federal Department of Health, using the COVID-19 pandemic as a cover, has dramatically escalated its war on vapers by proposing…

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