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You’ve Signed up as a Supporter… Your Next Steps

At this stage we are asking supporters to build interim branches in their electorates. While A1 finalises the registration of the Party, we are supporting the establishment of unofficial Supporter Groups which will transition to Branches once A1 is registered as an organisation. Supporters should look at the following: Research A1: Our website is here…

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Building the Ark

Many Supporters are asking ‘What is our next step?’ and that is a great question. All the major parties; Liberal, Labor, Nationals and Greens are losing support fast. They are like sinking ships. The vessels are listing to port, the water is rushing in, and despite claims to the contrary from the captain and crew,…

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Seditious Text Message A Hoax

A “seditious” message calling for the Governor-General to remove the Australian Government by 11 September 2020 and to name Australia One Party leader Riccardo Bosi as head of an interim government, is currently being texted widely throughout Australia. Mr Bosi wishes to make it perfectly clear that this message is a hoax and he has…

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