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New party vows to recover Australia’s sovereignty

Australians deserve their country back, says Riccardo Bosi who has announced the launch of Australia One, a political party that intends to lift the veils from some well-kept secrets.

“Since the end of World War II, successive federal governments have signed some bad global deals that have effectively handed control of our country, piece by piece, to foreign interests,” Mr Bosi said.

“In other words, they have surrendered our sovereignty. And politicians from both sides of our federal parliaments are not only responsible but have paid little more than lip service to some real emergencies, one of which is taking place right now.

“At a time when food security is a major issue, our farmers, the backbone of this nation’s development and prosperity, are paying a very heavy price for probably the most insidious deal of all — one our Federal Government signed up to in March 1975.

“Under the guise of a United Nations declaration and plan of action on industrial development and cooperation, this deal is better known as the Lima Declaration, a document ensuring Australia’s primary industries would be wound down and transferred to developing nations in a bid to create a New International Economic Order.

“The term New International Economic Order is not one we have created but is in the title of an Australian Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade Parliamentary Paper No 1/1980 The New International Economic Order Implications for Australia.”

Mr Bosi, a published author, international business consultant, former Australian Special Forces lieutenant-colonel and former Senate candidate, said it was no accident or “cock up” that so many farmers were going broke, walking off their lands or committing suicide as a result of the present drought.

He said he had often wondered if the shelving of nation-building projects such as the 1938 Bradfield Scheme, which could drought proof Queensland and NSW, was a conscious decision made by successive federal and state governments to comply with the directives of the UN’s New International Economic Order.

“Our Murray-Darling Basin Plan is further evidence of how our UN-compliant policies are devastating our primary industry,” he said.

“Since governments of both persuasions began their work on making water a commercial commodity, our farmers in the Murray-Darling catchment area have seen the prices for water allocation increase 140 per cent from $230 a megalitre in July 2018 to $550 a megalitre today – just one year later.

“How on earth can Australian farmers stay afloat, let alone compete, under such unreasonable conditions signed off by politicians from all sides of politics?

“The old system is broken and political philosophy is no longer about Left or Right. It is now about what is right and wrong.

“It’s about concern for who runs our country. It’s about where our nation is headed and our future. It’s about Australians getting their lives back.”

Mr Bosi said Australia One faced a huge challenge, one that citizens in other western democracies were also attempting, but “I believe we can do it as long as the old Australian spirit that built this country remains.”