Australian taxpayers pay ‘jizya’ into martyrs fund

While our Prime Minister, Silent Scott Morrison, pays lip service to the plight of our nation’s farmers and drought proofing our agricultural lands, he seems to have no issue in paying salaries to Islamic terrorists.

According to figures issued by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Marise Payne, Australian taxpayers are paying $42.6 million this financial year towards the salaries of incarcerated terrorists in jail and the families of so-called martyrs.

“This is a national scandal, particularly after the controversy this practice raised last year under Julie Bishop’s watch as foreign minister,” Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi said today.

Ms Bishop told the Australian people in July last year that the Government had ended its direct aid to the Palestinian Authority to pay Palestinians convicted of terrorism.

“It seems we might have been lied to,” Mr Bosi said.

“At a time when the Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, is stumbling over what to do with Australia’s ISIS brides and their caliphate cubs in Syria, Senator Payne is withdrawing from our national bank account a stipend for the families of Palestinian terrorists either killed, injured or imprisoned.”

Mr Bosi said instead of stopping these “aid payments” as promised, this annual gift from the Australian people to the terrorists had, in fact, increased by $4.5 million since last financial year.

According to the Palestinian Authority, a terrorist’s salary depends on time in jail, starting at $401 a month for a jail term of up to three years and rising on a sliding scale to $3,438 a month to those serving 30 years or more.

Additional to this monthly figure is another $86 for each wife, $14 for each child, $86 if a Jerusalem resident and $143 if an Israeli resident.

Families of terrorist “martyrs” receive an immediate one-off payment of $1719, a base monthly payment of $401 and $57 for each child. Residents of both Jerusalem and Israel receive another $86 a month.

“Although Ms Bishop promised the Australian people last year that any aid going to the Palestinian Authority would be directed through other channels, such as the United Nations, this is not reflected by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in its ‘Overview of Australia’s aid program to the Palestinian Territories’ issued last month,” Mr Bosi said.

“It appears our Government is kowtowing to the wishes of militant Islamic terrorists and has willingly been blackmailed into paying ‘Jizya’ into the Martyrs Fund, better known as ‘Pay for Slay’. Jizya is the tax non-Muslims are required to pay to their Muslim masters.

“I believe it is high time Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Senator Payne face the Australian people with a clear explanation.”