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What Happened to Koch’s Postulates

Philip Wainwright (Western Australia)    The logic of your (Paul Harper, Supporters Forum 28 September “Representation Not Rule”) argument is sound only if one assumes the basis of it is true.  You have stated that Victorians, and …
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Representation Not Rule

Paul Harper (Victoria) The fundamental principle of democracy is that of representation, not rule.  Our representatives carry our values, our wishes, our structures for society, our beliefs and vision for the future of the country.  As …
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The Good Migrant

To what country and people do I owe most? To that which I have never seen, with which I have no connection but that it is the home of some of my relatives? Or to that in …
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Lockdown: for our safety or for control

Phillip Turnbull (Tasmania)    Since I returned home after a trip to Italy, the COVID19 panic here smacked me in the face. I thought things would calm down quickly because I knew the restrictions and shutdowns were an over-reaction …
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Politician’s puppet masters

Rhiannon Bosi (Chief of Staff)“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”— William WilberforceBritishMP 1780-1825, Slavery AbolitionistOur politicians have masters and it is …
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