Thank you for providing your Supporter Application documents. Your file has been uploaded to our secure site and the Membership Team have been notified.

You should also have received a confirmation email at the address you entered on the upload form. If you didn’t receive the email then check your junk mail folder. The email address you entered is listed below for reference. If you discover a typo in your email address then you can go back to the upload form and resubmit your documents. The Membership Team will realise what’s happened and use the latest upload.

For reference here are the details of your upload:

Uploaded file
Email address
Application Reference Number

Next, the Membership Team will review your documentation and recommend for you to become a Supporter of AustraliaOne. This may take some days so please be patient and allow for weekends and public holidays.

The Application Process

Just so you can understand the application process here are the steps that we take to process your application:

  • All applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.
  • Your supporting documents will first be moved to a secure offline location.
  • The Membership Team will check that all the requested documents have been provided, are legible, and complete. If there is something missing or there is a problem with any one of the documents the Membership Team will email you a request to correct the issue and resubmit all the documents again. It is most important that you upload your documents using the link in the request email so that the Membership Team have everything at hand to review your application. Never email your supporting documents as they cannot be processed when received by email.
  • If your supporting documents are correct and legible then your application will be reviewed and your application to become an AustraliaOne Supporter will be recommended to the Executive or their delegated official.
  • The Executive or their delegated official take the Membership Team recommendation into consideration when evaluating an application.
  • When your application is approved you will receive an email notifying you of the decision. The email will include a link to our AustraliaOne Community Membership site with details of how to log in and start participating with other supporters.
  • A few weeks after your application is accepted you may be asked to participate in a survey to help us understand your experience of the application process. The aim of the survey will be to help us improve the process and find out things that we will have missed along the way. We would really appreciate it if you participate in the survey. It will help improve the experience for future supporters.