Thank you so much for your very generous offer to open up your home to Riccardo and his family. Thank you for being so passionate about your country. We are inspired and motivated by the amount of Australians just like you who care enough to take action when they see something that needs to be addressed or changed for our country and your offering of support for A1 is greatly appreciated.

It is because of people like you, and your support, that we exist. We live in exciting but challenging times with our country at a crossroads in its history with relentless attacks on our values and sovereignty. Thank you for joining us as we work to create our best future for Australia.

AustraliaOne is deeply committed to the wellbeing and safety of all members and supporters. Due to this commitment, the executive has decided against all home visits for Riccardo. Please keep a look out for the National Tour details and we would LOVE to see you at an event near to you.