The campaign in Eden Monaro is underway

This short Dispatch is an update and a call for help with regard to the Eden-Monaro by-
election set for 4 July 2020, which could become our very own Independence Day.

As most of you will know, we have overcome the first hurdle and Ric is on the ballot as an
Independent candidate, and we are now calling for as much help as possible from supporters in two ways.

Build an Army. Firstly, Eden-Monaro is a very large electorate and we need to build an
Army to work the polling booths both during pre-poll period as well as on election day itself.

Pre-poll commences next Monday 15 June and continues until the poll closes at 6pm on 4

If you are keen to help, please email us with your contact details as well as your location so
we can create the rosters for the booths.

We have insufficient time to print and distribute How-To-Vote cards across such a large
electorate as soon as next Monday. Therefore, in order to ensure all booth workers have
How-To-Votes as soon as possible, we will forward an electronic version of the AEC
approved “original” and request that volunteers print their own.

You will find that after voting, most people like to return them to you for re-use. Fifty How-
To-Votes would be a useful number with which to start.

Ric as well as AUSTRALIAONETEAM members will be visiting booths throughout the period
to ensure all is going smoothly.

Fill the Coffers. Secondly, it is now time to ask for help with our most urgent need which is
finance. Up until now nothing has been asked of you and in fact many have been asking us
how to donate. You can donate to help Ric get elected in Eden Monaro by either bank
transfer or Paypal.

Please visit our donate page for details here.

We have much to do and with your help we can begin the journey to take back our country.
Many thanks and best regards,