Wake Up Australia. We have been betrayed. Start here:

Below is the link to a video of one of my recent talks where I explained the background to the Five Threats facing Australia and how our political leaders have sold us out.
If you like it, please share the video with as many as you can and as soon as possible.before the ‘Blackout’ comes, which will be very soon. We are already being blocked on Facebook and Twitter.

Be aware that anyone speaking out against the established political parties is at real risk.

They will try to silence us and their process is well known. Firstly they will offer inducements such as:
a. sex,
b. money,
c. power,
d. fame, or
e. an appeal to ideology.

If none of these work, they will dig up dirt and spread it around.

If there is no dirt, they will make some up and spread THAT around.

Is it worth it?


But even though I have made my mind, this is a question each and every Australian must answer for themselves.

Five Threats To Australia