What Happened to Koch’s Postulates

Philip Wainwright (Western Australia)   

The logic of your (Paul Harper, Supporters Forum 28 September “Representation Not Rule”) argument is sound only if one assumes the basis of it is true. 

You have stated that Victorians, and all Australians generally, accept the totalitarian rule because of the government’s access to superior knowledge regarding the virus in the sentence “They know what is best for us, because they have access to a world of knowledge about the virus that requires quick action to save us”.  That, unfortunately, is not true.  If that is not true, then the rest of your argument must also be an incorrect analysis of the situation. 

Without going into too much detail, the assumption that a pandemic has been called because of a virus, and then the deaths associated with that virus prove there is a pandemic, is not a valid condition. 

There is no virus. 

It has not been proved to exist so any test that indicates its existence by measuring a protein produced by the body, is again, flawed.  The test measures an exosome produced by the body as a message and an exudate from the cell as a means of making that message.  So the test was designed for laboratory work and was not designed to be used to test for infections or inflammation and it ‘will produce a false positive’.  So the basis of argument is to get people to think there is a virus, then to make up a test that proves nothing, then make up deaths that are not directly related to any infection or inflammation but recorded as such, and low and behold we have a pandemic, because ignorance dictates that with all of those things in place one therefore proves the other.  Nonsense!  

In the matter of proving the virus, any virus for that matter, nothing of Koch’s postulate has ever been applied.  The Germ Theory is not based on fact and is a convention used by Western Medicine as a means of distracting people from the truth about their health so that the pharmaceutical companies (who trained the doctors in the first place) can make more money.  There is not a germ on this planet that is out to kill you.  All people who have died from or with this ‘virus’ have died due to poor health and specific conditions.  Those found with the protein in their system are in dire straits not from the virus but due to other factors that in turn will produce the protein, in response, not because of. 

The very fact that the ‘virus’ is there actually indicates a healing condition but due to a total misunderstanding by chemically oriented trained practitioners the diagnosis will be incorrect.  Again, because they have been trained to deal with symptoms not causes.  So, all of this is about symptoms and so the numbers of cases with false positives goes up accordingly.  

This whole campaign is not about a virus or ill health.  It is about control of the minds and hearts of the populace and it has achieved that wonderfully.  However, there are sufficient people out there who do not hold with anything our ‘government’ or their lackeys have done that can validate their course of action.  As stated, it is only from ignorance that such control happened without fuss.  They are on a winner with this one and the next attack will be even stronger.  The longer it takes for ‘we the people’ to figure that out the more they will gain final control.  But ‘we the people’ can’t figure out a way to band together because our personality egos are getting in the way.  Everyone wants to be the hero. 

If you follow the understanding of Terrain Theory (which is not a theory but that term has to be used to allow some discussion to take place) you will be guaranteed a different outcome from that of the Germ Theory.   Why? Because it focuses on how the body truly deals with health and supports the ideal that our bodies have, as their basis, a far greater understanding of how it operates than do some doctors.  Science is not the answer.  In fact it was only ever supposed to be the question.  But it got corrupted over time to being the ones to provide ‘definitive’ responses to symptoms.  They stopped asking questions and decided to come up with ‘answers’ instead.  That was their biggest mistake and our greatest failing. 

You have some of the answers however in your statement.  As true men and women we are the government, the fascists in ‘charge’ are only every the parliament, and as they are grouped in parties and have assumed an authority based on a flawed man made legal system, then what they offer does not fit the requirements of a government in any way, shape or form.  It is only in our capitulation that their power is manifest.  It is only from our ignorance that we have allowed ourselves to be dragged down into materialism. 

If this party, or any other Australian, wants to assume the power that they really have, it would be just a matter of setting up a proper representative parliament, with no parties, no elections, no full time pollies etc. etc. and we would have our country back in a flash.  Unfortunately, ignorance wins the day and that is what this is all about. 

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