You’ve Signed up as a Supporter… Your Next Steps

At this stage we are asking supporters to build interim branches in their electorates.

While A1 finalises the registration of the Party, we are supporting the establishment of unofficial Supporter Groups which will transition to Branches once A1 is registered as an organisation.

Supporters should look at the following:

The launch video for A1:

The Five Threats to Australia video:



  • Join A1: Now that that you have signed up as a supporter there’s a couple more things that you can do to prepare for membership.

    • Obtain a Working With Children Check (WWCC) / Blue Card (QLD) / Working with Vulnerable People check (Tas).  Your WWCC is a prerequisite to become a party member. The WWCC is free of charge in most States and Territories as you will be nominating for a check for a volunteer organisation. You can find the link for the application in your state on our web site or contact your State Coordinator for assistance. Once you have obtained your WWCC (or equivalent) please email a copy to your state or territory coordinator.
    • Confirm your Australian Electoral Commission details by going to and verifying your enrollment. Once you have downloaded your verification please email it in a pdf form to your state or territory coordinator. 
    • Please note: ALL members of A1 must be Australian citizens; as candidates are selected from our membership rank and file by other members and we abide by our Constitution, including but not limited to section 44.

Objectives. Once all of this is done, Supporters have 4 objectives.

  1. Listen to the electors. Ask and record the three top issues the people want the government to do or stop doing.
  2. Raise Awareness. Inform people about A1 and encourage them to learn more at the website.
  3. Gain Supporters. Follow up with people and once they are persuaded that A1 is for them, encourage them to sign up as Supporters.
  4. Develop Interim Supporter Groups. As your group of friends / like-minded people in your area grows, you can set up an Interim Supporter Group in your area.

o   Supporter Groups are to have a minimum 5 to maximum 30 persons, are to meet weekly/ fortnightly/monthly to discuss local, State and Federal issues that are affecting your electorate, and to communicate the Minutes of these meetings with the State Coordinator. We can send you a Minutes Proforma to the organizer prior to your first meeting.

  • Once your group has signed up as Supporters (on our webpage) and provided the names, electoral role search and WWCC / Blue Card / Working with Vulnerable People check with the State Coordinator, supporters can start working at the 3 Objectives above too.

Candidate selection:

  • all members from all branches in an electorate will decide who they wish to represent them:
  • in Council’s
  • in the House of Reps (Federal elections)/ Legislative Assembly (State elections), and
  • for the Senate (Federal elections) /Legislative Council (State elections)

All candidates will partake in a Primary debate between all persons standing for a seat before all members in their electorate / State.

State Coordinators duties:

  • are to receive all required documentation including but not limited to a PDF of your electoral search, WWCC / Blue Card / Volunteers / Work with Vulnerable People check, and all other required documentation for AUSTRALIAONE.
  • any communications regarding approvals or enquiries for events, handouts and or letter box drops for the community can be made through the State Coordinators for approval / decline by the State / Federal Board.
  • Are to receive confirmation of the details of your supporters’ group, including but not limited to the details of all persons, confirmation of their WWCC, Blue Card / Working with Vulnerable People check, confirmation of their electoral role etc.
  • To contact your State Coordinators, see the following links